Project Insight is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 by Mycah Lee Arellano-Blake. Our mission is to empower individuals by promoting their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Empowerment is accomplished through the offering of creative healing and educational tools. We share the methods of Lucia Capacchione, PhD. A.T.R., R.E.A.T. author of 22 books and pioneering Art Therapist for ourselves first, individuals, and groups.

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San Antonio Area

Thursday, September 5, 2019 - 6 pm - 9 pm
“The Power of Your Other Hand” Workshop
University of Incarnate Word
(Student Engagement Center #2030)
4301 Broadway Street
San Antonio, Texas 78209
All supplies & refreshments included
Bring you personal journals
3 CEUs offered for LPC & Social Workers
”Extra Credit” for UIW students offered by professors
(Donation of $40 per person)
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Friday, September 6, 2019 - 6 pm - 9 pm
“Lucia, Welcome to San Antonio Dinner”
Braun Oaks Community Center
10555 Tezel Road
San Antonio, Texas 78254
(Donation of $20 per person to Project Insight)
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Saturday, September 7, 2019 - 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Barnes & Noble @ Bandera Pointe
Book signing with Project Insight Book Fair
11711 Bandera Road
San Antonio, Texas 78250
(Public Welcome)

For reservations and/or information in San Antonio:
Marsha Nelson, PhD
Project Insight Executive Director
956-802-9993 cell/text

Danny Valdez

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McAllen - Rio Grande Valley

Friday, September 13, 2019 - 6 pm - 8 pm
Dinner with Lucia
Wine, raffle prizes and fun
Macaroni Grill
3500 W. Expressway 83
McAllen, TX 78501
(Fundraiser is $30 for a 3 course dinner)
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Saturday, September 14, 2019 - 9 am - 12:00 pm (noon)
“The Power of Your Other Hand Workshop”
McAllen Public Library
4001 N. 23rd Street
McAllen, Texas 78504
3 CEUs offered for LPC & Social Workers
($40 per person)
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For reservations and/or information in McAllen:
Marsha Nelson, PhD
Project Insight Executive Director
956-802-9993 cell/text

Elva Villarreal
Project Insight Executive Board Member
956-207-2895 cell/text

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Lucia Capacchione


Lucia Says:

I am a best-selling author of 22 books and audio CDs, a Registered Art Therapist and pioneering Expressive Arts Therapist. I conduct workshops and professional training using my innovative methods. I am also known internationally as an expert in creativity and spark and nurture creativity in all areas of life.


Books by Lucia Capacchione, PhD, ATR, (Art Therapist Registered) REAT (Registered Expressive Arts Therapist):

Hello, This is Your Body Talking A Draw-It-Yourself Coloring Book - Ohio U. Press
Drawing Your Stress Away A Draw-It-Yourself Coloring Book - Ohio U. Press
The Creative Journal, 35th Anniversary Edition - Swallow Press/Ohio U. Press
The Power of Your Other Hand - Red Wheel/Weiser
The Well-Being Journal - New Page
The Picture of Health: Healing Your Life with Art - Available from the author
Lighten Up Your Body, Lighten Up Your Life - New Page
The Creative Journal for Teens - Shambala
The Creative Journal for Children - Shambala
The Creative Journal for Parents - Shambala
The Creative Journal for the Cancer Survivor Wrbk - Co-author Marsha Nelson, PhD.
Recovery of Your Inner Child -
Simon & Schuster
Creating a Joyful Birth Experience - Available from the author
Putting Your Talent to Work Health Communications - out of print, available
Visioning: Ten Steps to the Life of your Dreams - Tarcher/Putnam
The Art of Emotional Healing - Shambala
Living with Feeling - available from the author
The Wisdom of Your Other Hand 5 CDs from author Meditations - available from the author
Picture of Health Audio CD Well-Being Journal - available from the author
The Sound of Feelings Sampler CD – music for journaling and dancing on paper by Jessie Allen Cooper, available from the author


Creative Journal Expressive Arts (CJEA)


Creative Journal Expressive Arts (CJEA) is a work-study program for certification to teach, coach or lead groups using Dr. Lucia Capacchione’s CJEA Method. Certified CJEA professionals are qualified to apply and integrate the method into their work or to create an adjunct practice in personal coaching, teaching, consulting or group leadership.

Level 1 of this CJEA program takes one year to complete starting with a 7 day intensive. This intensive is followed by fieldwork in the trainee’s own location and four days of assisting under Dr. Capacchione, Dr. Nelson or another master CJEA instructor. The program ends with a final intensive graduation and certification as a CJEA instructor/coach.

Level 2 consists of in-depth advanced intensives and workshops, such as Visioniong® Coach Certification, offered for graduates of the CJEA program only.

Level 3 is invitational for experienced instructors qualified to supervise others in CJEA field work.

Click here for additional information and/or to apply to the CJEA certification training program.


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Lucia Capacchione’s pioneering Visioning® method focuses on unearthing the dreams that live deep within and translating them into real life. The emphasis is on the heart’s deepest desires which are often way beyond what we think we want or what we think is possible or practical. As Lucia succinctly puts it - “Visioning® is purposeful daydreaming applied to everyday life.”



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Lisa Brown


Lisa says:

I have been teaching art classes for over 35 years and after being sick for 5 years with Lyme.  I developed a series of “art-as-therapy” workshops for those suffering with illness and adversity.  I have dedicated my life in the belief that art is therapeutic and can help express emotions, relieve stress, and build confidence while allowing you to escape for a few hours.

I have a BA in Art Ed, a MA in Creative Arts Ed and I am the Certified Assistant Supervisor and Regional Coordinator for Creative Journal Expressive Arts (a program developed by Dr. Lucia Capacchione which incorporates art with journaling).  I am also a Visioning® workshop facilitator.  I have authored 3 books:  “Hold the Moments: Creative Experiences in Parenting” with hundreds of projects to do with children while keeping a journey as a memoir for them; “Beyond the Books” an addendum to Dr. Lucia Capacchione’s books with in depth art projects for those trained in her methods; and “60+ Foam Board Project, a how-to book for Art teachers which I presented at the NJ Art Educators conference.  I have facilitated programs for support groups including: (cancer survivors and their families, brain injured, bereavement groups, therapists, teachers, social workers, and the general public) at the local hospitals, cancer centers,  retreats, high schools, and (CEU’s) for colleges as well as facilitating a variety of workshops in my studio.  I also run 2 -5 workshop weekend retreats in my home each year presenting new topics and using different modes centered around the C.J.E.A. methods.

I am also an accomplished artist selling and exhibiting through the tri-state area as well as on the web in a variety of venues.


Helping Other People Emotionally

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Elva Villarreal


Elva says:

I am certified educator with a minor in art and in International Certification as a practitioner of Creative Journal Expressive Arts (C.J.E.A.) and Visioning® training programs co-founded by Lucia Capacchione, PhD, ATR, REAT, and Marsha Nelson, PhD.

Mrs. Villarreal’s professional experience includes 30 years of teaching children and mentoring other teachers, high school and university students. After retirement from the public schools, she has been an educational consultant, workshop leader, supervisor for teachers seeking certification, adult GED and ESL educator, youth camp director and C.J.E.A. practitioner for teen moms. She currently is Mentor Coordinator for the C.J.E.A. certification training program, Director for H.O.P.E. (helping Other People Emotionally) Cancer Support Group, and a member of Project Insight 501(c)3 nonprofit organization’s executive board. Elva Villarreal authored a children’s book for healing grief titled “I Am Here”.

As an educator, mother, grandmother, wife of a cancer survivor and Parkinson’s patient, Mrs. Villarreal has a passion for teaching children, youth and adults the practice of C.J.E.A. techniques, empowering people of all ages to creatively enhance their well-being.

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Liz Ann Garcia


Liz Ann Says:

I was first introduced to the word "Cancer" at a very early age. My oldest sister passed away from cancer at the age of 9. Three decades later my father also succumbed from cancer. I met Dr. Marsha Nelson a few years later. Dr. Nelson invited me to a C.J.E.A. class. I was hooked. I participated every week for several years. Then I became certified in C.J.E.A. I now co-lead a group, H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Emotionally), each Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. (noon) at the McAllen Public Library. I have personally seen the need for the C.J.E.A. methods in schools (all grade/ages), with those going through health crisis (physical/mental), and/or a personal crisis (death, divorce, etc). We all have the ability to tap into our innate tools. With C.J.E.A. we are reintroducing them for anyone to use.



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Marsha Nelson

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Mary Lou Gonzalez